Becky Brewster

I am the thing you fear.
The bump in the night.
The hair on the back of your neck.
I am that thing.
You look under your bed to find me.
You open your closet door to catch me.
I watch.
You never see.
I am that thing,
the one that makes you tiptoe around the corners of your house,
hoping to avoid the thing that you know is lurking around the hallway corner,
you look so hard through the dark to see.
You can feel me.
You can hear my breath.
I am there.
I am that thing.
The one in stories and movies and late-night-sit-in-the-dark-cover-your-face-with-a-pillow TV shows --
But you'll never see me,
I won't be there.
I am not for you to see,
I am the watcher.
I am the hunter.
I am the curse.
I am not human not creature.
I am a thought.
I am a feeling.
You can not hide from me.
I do not have to find you, you appear.
I do not seek you, you come.
You are there.
Crouching in the dark.
Clinging to a speck of light.
Hoping for a sound.
You only get me.
The face staring back at you in the mirror,
Look close.
Look deep.
A flash.
I am gone.
Your fears are there.
I see you.
Close your eyes.
Try to sleep.
I am there too.
Never leaving.
I am the thing you fear.


I am a happily married newlywed mother to three children, two step-kids, two dogs, two step-cats, and one grand-kitten. 
I've been working in public education for... well, way too long to count. I specialize in working with children with autism, that is my passion. I am one of those lucky few who love and are passionate about their jobs. And then, there's writing...
I've been exploring creative writing for most of my life... it's therapy for a busy mind. I share poetry, prose, and short stories on my blog, First Pages -- come visit! 

Matt Roberts - 10/24/2015 3:33 AM
True story. Loved it!
joey - 10/24/2015 5:54 PM
Nicely done. Creepy good!
Jordan Drew - 10/24/2015 5:58 PM
This is awesome, so creepy! Thank you, Becky!
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