Your Best Friend's Advice Can Get You Killed

Olivia Daniel

Hannah and Briana have been friends since the second grade. Always going everywhere and doing everything together. So, when they heard about the party that Ricky Robbie was throwing, they HAD to go. It was October 19th, the night before her 17th birthday, and she was still practically a virgin when it came to having any party and “regular teenage shit” experiences. This party was her chance to woo Ricky.

Ricky had been Bri’s crush since the 7th grade. He was tall, muscular, funny, smart, and definitely the hottest guy at Cherman High. Bri had a goal that night, and it was to make out with Ricky. There was only one problem, she didn’t know how.

“Hey loser!” Bri said while getting ready in the bathroom, hoping to get a response out of Hannah in the other room.

“What’s up?” she replied.

“I need your advice.”

“Don’t you always? Talk to me baby, you know I’m always here.” Hannah yelled back.

“I wanna make out with Ricky tonight. But I don’t know how to make a move.” Bri rattled out nervously.

Hannah gave Bri a look, and she knew right then and there what she was about to do. She was going to manage to get him alone and get him wrapped around her finger. How a 17-year-old who hasn’t had her first kiss was going to do this, she had no idea. However, she had about three Truly’s in her untouched liver, an entire blunt in her clean mind, and she was ready to roll. They talked for thirty minutes about catching him alone during the party so Bri could pull Ricky aside and kiss him. Hannah, being the great advice giver she is, came up with a plan B for Bri.

“What if that doesn’t work Han?”

“If all else fails, you can always find him in the bathroom line, and seduce him to let you in with him!” Hannah replied confidently. “Trust me, I’m always right, you’ll be fine, and one-hundred percent safe!”

Bri liked the sound of that plan, and the sound of her best friend's voice soothing her, but would she be slick enough to execute it?

Briana always trusted her own instinct. Unless of course, she was crossed at party in the middle of nowhere.

She wanted to make the first move and show him that she’s a girl that knows what she wants. So, as the night went on, she looked for every possible way to get him alone. But it wasn’t looking like that would happen because he always seemed to have some sort of possie following him. Except, of course, when he went to the restroom. Instinctively, she followed him. But why? She didn’t want plan B, she wanted plan A, the safe plan. Who was she kidding? She had a goal to accomplish, and she put her mind to it, so it wouldn’t fail. Right?

As she sat in the restroom line staring at him a few 10 people behind him, there was still something standing in her way, even with all the alcohol and drugs she had consumed that night. Anxiety.

“Always in my way. God anxiety, you're a real pain in my butt.”

So of course, she went around the corner to find her best friend, Hannah. She always calmed her down. She just needed a little confidence boost. Maybe she could give her more advice on what to do since plan A was completely out of the picture, and she was now freaking out.

“HANNAH!” Bri yelled over the insanely loud music.

“BRI!” She yelled back.

“Look, I need your help, I’m anxious and I don’t know if I can do this anymore.”

“You can do this.” Hannah said comfortingly. “You’re badass. You can do anything your heart desires. I believe in you. Just go in that line, give him those beautiful, sexy, whimpering eyes, show him you’re confident, and boom! I’m sure you’ll have those lips on yours in no time.”

Taking Hannah’s advice, Bri walked back into the restroom line, which had grown about 30 people longer since she left, with her ego heightened. She managed to scope out Ricky. He was the next person to go in, so she knew that this was the only way that she could possibly get him alone before she passed out from being under the influence of too much, so she decided to try and weave her way through all the intoxicated people and “accidentally” bumped into him once she finally got there. Two people walked out of the restroom, and the room was now open. Ricky looked over at Bri, and Bri froze.

“I- I’m sorry. I just really have to pee, you know?” she stuttered out to the distractingly hot guy in front of her.

Ricky responded with, “Don’t I know you? From…middle school? You’re Bri, right?”

“Yeah, that’s me.” she said, making sure to look at him directly, and give him the “whimpering, hot, sexy eyes” Hannah reminded her of.

“I’m gonna pee now, talk later?” he said, breaking eye contact.

“Yeah sure, I’ll be here.”

Bri had no idea why she wasn’t able to seduce him. She even gave him the eyes like Hannah said. Just as she was turning around, she heard someone calling her name, sing-songy.

“Briii...” Ricky said with a smirk.

She froze, and she saw Ricky still standing in the doorway, moving the door back and forth as people do to air out the bathroom after a shower. She fluffed her hair, turned around, and returned the smile that was gleaming at her.

As she walked in, she was overwhelmed with the aroma of weed in the air. Ricky grabbed her hand, and asked, “So, why’d ya come tonight?”

“Well, it’s the night before my 17th birthday, and I decided I needed some experience and some entertainment because my parents are lame and won’t let me leave the house.” Bri responded tiredly. All the things she had consumed that night, were hitting her at the wrong moment.

“How are you here right now then? I never took you as the type to sneak out.” he chuckled.

“I’m not, I’m with my best friend tonight, Hannah Crisp. Her parents don’t give a shit about what she does.” she said innocently.

“Oh…I see.”


It was starting to get awkward in the enclosed space, and Bri reminded herself why she was in there in the first place. She had to make out with Ricky, or at least kiss him once. Just as she was going over what to do in her head, Ricky seemed to have caught on to her plan, and grabbed her waist to pull her in. Before she knew it, she was making out with the hottest guy at Cherman!


Hannah heard a loud scream coming from the corridor across the house, and immediately recognized that it was her best friend. She didn’t know if it was pain, or joy, so she took another shot of Tito’s that was laying on the table next to the couch and danced her way to the hall. She found lots of people standing around the bathroom entrance. Suddenly, a path formed through the group of people, and Ricky appeared and walked past Hannah, not making eye contact. The path disappeared as the people began to look into the room. Whispers began to build about what they were seeing. Hannah heard blood, and Bri’s name in the same sentence. That’s when Hannah ran to the door, slamming people aside, to help her best friend.

When she got to the doorway, she stopped, and screamed, horrified. She lost the strength in her legs and dropped next to her best friend. There was blood everywhere. Her mind started racing, along with her heart, and she noticed that there wasn’t a weapon, and Ricky was nowhere to be found. As she dialed 911, she reached over and touched Bri’s neck and couldn’t find a pulse. Hannah replayed the night in her head. She was the one who gave Bri the advice to go into the bathroom. She broke down wondering…Have I killed my best friend?

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